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TOOTRiS believes that every child deserves the opportunity to attend high-quality Child Care. As a tech-enabled service that combines tools for parents, providers, and employers, all within a single app, we empower working parents – especially women – by delivering real time access to Child Care, enabling them to find, communicate, enroll and pay, all while completely contactless. Providers grow their program with TOOTRiS curriculums, business, and marketing automation, while employers incorporate Child Care-as-a-Benefit, increasing their productivity, attracting and retaining top talent. In response to classrooms going virtual, we have created Learning Hubs, a service that provides safe and supervised small group environments designed to give school-aged children a place to learn and thrive. As we all adapt to our “new normal,” TOOTRiS gives parents peace of mind that their children, the most important people in the world, are safe and secure in high-quality care. TOOTRiS is headquartered in San Diego, California. Learn more at tootris.com.


Parents can find, tour, and enroll their children in programs that meet their specific location, scheduling and budgetary requirements.
View and compare different Child Care programs that are conveniently located near your work, home, or school.
Beautifully enhanced profiles make it easier for parents to vet and select the best Child Care program tailored to their specific needs.
The TOOTRiS Education Center serves as a database for parents, providers, and employers to find Child Care assistance, education and training, and TOOTRiS resources.

Rep/Contact Info

Megan Slipp
Executive Assistant

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