Child Support

About Us

TOOTRiS is the first and only technology platform that allows parents affordable access to high-quality Child Care, anytime, anywhere. TOOTRiS helps parents secure Child Care around the clock, based on their real-time location, scheduling and budgetary requirements.

Providing biometric security, online visibility into the care of their child and integrating pay-as-you-go payment processing, TOOTRiS empowers more parents – especially women – to return to the workforce with complete peace of mind.

Behind the scenes, TOOTRiS is creating the new Mom-Economy® providing automation tools for licensing, managing and marketing of high-quality Child Care to help elevate stay-at-home moms, teachers, nurses, nannies and others with a passion for children and start a six-figure income career in Child Care.

Working alongside federal, state and local organizations, industry experts, early childhood center directors, and most importantly, parents, TOOTRiS delivers an invaluable service accessible by desktop or mobile devices that matches the expectations of today’s digitally empowered families.

TOOTRiS is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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