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About Us

Pangea is an Environmental Consulting Agency founded on the principles of Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Commitment, and Team Work. Pangea Biological’s scientists are seasoned professionals — experienced and highly responsive. From operation and maintenance jobs — to large, multi-year, multi-faceted construction projects — Pangea’s team members have been involved in natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines, electric distribution and transmission lines, waterline, solar, wind, and battery storage projects throughout the United States. From the initiation of the project, when it is a glimmer in the engineer’s eye, through completion, the Pangea team readily adapts to the unique needs of our clients, providing impactive and value-driven solutions. Pangea provides an unparalleled combination of expertise and experience to successfully provide environmental services to our utility and infrastructure partners.

Pangea Biological specializes in providing award-winning environmental services to the infrastructure, utility, and energy sectors. Since 2006, Pangea has successfully completed and/or managed more than 3,500 projects nationwide. Our services include; environmental compliance inspection and monitoring; stormwater plans and inspections (SWPPP), plan development (SPCC, Dust Control, Erosion Control, Noise, Solid Waste Management, and Environmental Compliance Plans), Geographic Information System (GIS) data mapping and management, geospatial services, feasibility studies, constructability reviews, constraints analysis, regulatory agency coordination and consultation,

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