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About Us

I created Cats by the Coast as a small business to specialize in the in-home service of cat care. I believe that your cat(s) emotional well-being is closely tied to their physical health.

In addition, you leaving for a period of time can cause stress, boredom and loneliness. By listening to your cat(s) needs and “tuning in” to their emotional state while under my care, combined with affection, play & exercise I am able to give them what they need to feel satisfied and comfortable while you are away.

What sets me apart from other pet sitting services is that you have the comfort of building a relationship with me; a sitter who owns and solely runs the company rather than a hired hand.

In my own way I take care of you as well, particularly tending to your home and updating you daily in real time of my visits detailing the shenanigans and noteworthy events that transpire each day with unlimited fun pictures of your fur baby(s) !! This connection is key to alleviate any separation anxiety on your part.

All of this means you will return to a very happy cat(s) in addition to a well cared for home !! Your cat(s) will be anxious to share their fun stories of play while you were away !

I am confident you will enjoy the unique VIP Pet Sitting Service of ''Cats by the Coast''!!


Bonnie opting the sink for her morning drink !
Halo loves getting groomed :)
Buddy lounging after breakfast :)
Shyley says "I fit here just fine"
Yosemite & Shackelton brotherly love :)
Leia loves ribbon playtime !
Sweetheart Tiger
Marimba on a chilly morning .. Peek A Boo !!
Rusty in the rafters !
Leia LOVES her GoGurts !
Shackelton on his hinds for treats !
Bonnie having a good morning stretch
Yosemite savoring his treats
Skye & Tashi preferred drinking method :) :)
Kai catching a cat nap .. literally !
Get it Ira !!!
I don't feel like getting up just yet mom !  I'm quite comfy :)
Shyley says can you get that itch on my chin please ?  Oh yeh right there !!
Marimba cleaning Mac's ears :)
Goofy Kensington :) :)
Sweetest Vito !
A "Hi Fi" from Smoky !
Me & Stanley :)
Harry enjoying some patio sun !