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ASEA Cellular Health offers two products, ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28. Both these products use the same scientific technology. ASEA Redox Supplement enables the body to heal itself from the inside out and RENU 28 enables the body to heal itself from the outside in.

This scientific breakthrough is unlike anything else on the market. It is not a vitamin, mineral, exotic juice or anti-oxidant. It goes way beyond nutrition and resupplies vital native molecules that the body is already making. After spending millions of dollars and 17 years researching the process that happens in the saltwater of our cells, what ASEA has done is replicated the same biochemical activity that happens inside the body outside the body. We can now replenish those exact same molecules so that our body begins to work like it did when we were younger. We live and die at the cellular level. If our cells are not healthy, then we are not healthy. If our 75 trillion cells are healthy, then we can live a longer healthier life free of disease.

Because these molecules are native, there's no contra-indications, no allergic reactions and no toxicity. ASEA is completely safe. ASEA is the only product on the market that replenishes these native molecules and helps the body return to a state of cellular homeostasis by providing a redox balance. ASEA is heavily patented so it's protected from any competition for years to come. So if you are looking to improve your health or athletic performance, it all happens with cellular efficiency and a return to balance at the cellular level.


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